Bhupendra Pal


My Story

As a presenter, Bhupendra Kumar Pal has the rare ability to galvanize an audience yet deliver uncommonly original and useful insights that lead to the transformation of lives. 

For a period of time, his team has enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of his business and personal development events. 

But, how did an individual manage to create an impact this huge and touch the hearts of so many people? Was he always into public speaking? Was transforming lives and peddling love always the aim of his life?

A Humble Start

Schooling helps an individual to grow, groom and bloom into a beautiful flower. Similarly, the school had a huge impact on my life. I belong to a small district, Fatehpur (between Kanpur and Allahabad). 

I didn’t belong to an upper-class aristocratic family, my uncle was a schoolmaster and I used to innocently go to school with him. Till his class 5TH, I was under the supervision of my uncle in school. After class 5, I got enrolled in an RSS school. These schools were highly disciplined and focused mainly on moral values and one’s ethics.

Overcoming Stage Fear!

I remember how the school held a public speaking event in the morning assembly called ‘Prerak Prasang’.  I have no shame in accepting that I had a great deal of stage fear and I would do anything to escape it. 

I have come a long way though, from not speaking in morning assemblies to addressing a large audience of more than 1000 people.

College Life

I have done my graduation in IET, Lucknow for Civil Engineering.

My college days have filled the color in my journey in the form of lessons. I believe that “IET is one of the many reasons that I am, what I’m today!”  College is where you find yourself and amidst all the ragging and drama, this is where I found myself.

The Game Change

One of my seniors presented me with the opportunity to work with him in a network marketing organization. That point was the game-changer.

When I attended the meeting a sudden wave of an awakening hit me. I felt that all these students and people assembled in this room have been working so diligently, trying to bring a change in our nation primarily and achieving extraordinary monitory and moral results at such a young age. 

I realized how each one of them has been contributing significantly to the welfare of their family. I finally knew what he wanted to do and where his path was leading. 

There were clashes and disagreements among the two of them regarding his career option. I very politely tried to convince his Father by saying “I don’t want to be an employee. An employee can meet the needs of only one family i.e. his/her own. But an entrepreneur can fulfill the needs of thousands of families including his own family.” I did not want to regret any decision that I made in the future, I did not want to miss any opportunity.

Life Today!

Currently, I’m one of the leading network marketing leaders in this nation trying to transform lives, empower people and trying to enlighten these people with mainly the teachings of Swami Vivekananda and other great personalities.

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