Know the best way to close Prospects!

For closing prospects in network marketing, it is important to be aware of your prospecting strategy, and your marketing behind it.

In this blog, I’m going to show you what prospecting is and how to best communicate with people to make them do what you want in terms of your business, OR how you could market your knowledge better to get people to reach out to you.


So when coming to prospecting, it really comes down to whether someone is interested in taking a look at your offer. Sometimes they’re interested and sometimes they’re not.

If they’re not interested, don’t worry just ask them, “do you know of anyone else who may be looking to make some extra money?” And that will open other doors for you.

But if it’s yes, then you should share your resources. Some examples of resources are:

  • videos
  • a presentation to attend
  • a webinar
  • a brochure

Prospecting is really that simple. Are you open to viewing my resources? And if not, no big deal.

Now, where would marketing fit into this?


Marketing is when you provide some kind of value, maybe it’s a Facebook Live, a webinar, a video – whatever you’re willing to do, but it should have a call to action for people after they’re done.

So let’s say that I’m in weight loss and I do a piece of value on the ‘Six Foods to Avoid If You Want to Reduce your Midsection’, for example, my call to action might be, “Hey, if you want a seven-day meal plan that’ll really help you lose some weight, feel free to reach out to me.”

Then people would be inclined to contact me. If they are really interested and reach out, I say, “Tell me about your weight loss journey.” And they say, “I’ve tried this, this, and this.”

I say, “Okay, well I may have a solution that could really help you out. Would you be open and take a look at it? And if not, no big deal.”

If they say no, respond back with, “Okay, cool. Do you know anyone that does want to lose some weight?” to open up more doors for yourself.

Or if they say, “Yes, I am open,” you can respond back with” Okay, cool. Well, I’ve got this video. It does a better job than I could do of explaining it. Would you like me to send it over to you?”

See what I did there? That was just an example, but putting out something valuable and marketing yourself as valuable, BEFORE someone reaches out to you is another way of closing prospects.

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